Eating Easter

Passing Through

When your mother decides you are too little to understand and your father stares blankly in your face with no answer to offer, you know you are torn between two worlds. You decide to let go, to ask if perhaps it is your doing but a sigh follows your question and your parents turn their backs and you stare but in confusion.

The morning owl that woke you up that day sent chills down your spine. It was as though nature had given consent to the foreboding and patiently waited for you to discover at the end of a voyage of mystery.
‘Why did you let him touch you? Why couldn’t you wait?’
You almost point to your chest to assert if you are being talked to, she nods.
‘Who touched me? I don’t know, in what sense? ‘ a pause then, ‘I do not understand Mother.’
‘Why will you…

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The new life He wished for.

Passing Through

He was not one who was apprehensive about life. He took it as according to the saying: One step at a time. Life was a mystery which,one had to deal with each day. He was going to be careful and gentle. With this thought, he smiled and retrieved his documents from the man in a black,uniform who did not apologize,or say anything but ‘You can leave now.” and he left, into the airport and outside, wondering why the doors opened on their own volition. Why had he smiled he thought within himself. Why had he smiled a stressful smile? A smile that left his cheeks aching as he rubbed them now. A taxi pulled up n front of him; ‘where to sir?’

‘New York University sir.’

‘Hop in man.’ He entered, jammed the door and waited awkwardly for,the,cab driver to move. Rather, he stared cooly at him from the rear…

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Weeping deserts

After watching a video, The Real History of Nigeria, my heart sank. To think that a nation this depressing and despondent was once flourishing, with endless laughter and endless springs of joy. Perhaps the advent of the military can be what caused the present state but there is no denying the fact that this path of dilapidation we are firmly rooted in is traceable to some unresolved issues in our past and the laxity of the youth of today.

Imagine, the likes of Awolowo were in their 20s when they made a revolution in Nigerian politics. Achebe was 28 when he wrote a novel to assert the cultural values and eminence of Africa through the Ibo community. Think of Kaduna Nzeogwu who facially looked so young yet was able to plan a coup and execute it.

I am not suggesting that we cause trouble or go topple the government. No! I am asking that we stop being those youths who constantly are reclining towards selfishness, not caring what the fate of our neighbor is but bent on getting what will profit us. We must not follow the footsteps of leaders whose thinking radiates around benefits, monetary to be exact, from the nation’s economic treasury. No, let us live by the injunction in our national adbthem; ‘help our youth the truth to know, in love and honesty to grow and living just and true…’
Let us live by what is right.
Let us stand for truth.
Let us stand for discipline.
Let us uphold the values of our nation.