The new life He wished for.

Passing Through

He was not one who was apprehensive about life. He took it as according to the saying: One step at a time. Life was a mystery which,one had to deal with each day. He was going to be careful and gentle. With this thought, he smiled and retrieved his documents from the man in a black,uniform who did not apologize,or say anything but ‘You can leave now.” and he left, into the airport and outside, wondering why the doors opened on their own volition. Why had he smiled he thought within himself. Why had he smiled a stressful smile? A smile that left his cheeks aching as he rubbed them now. A taxi pulled up n front of him; ‘where to sir?’

‘New York University sir.’

‘Hop in man.’ He entered, jammed the door and waited awkwardly for,the,cab driver to move. Rather, he stared cooly at him from the rear…

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Adeojo Prof. M.

I love books, performances and movies. I write about them.

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