The Year of Great Beginings

429646_362122953798428_1442610155_n_jpg_oh=1ee2c01df35d1aab553eccbba0337d93_oe=54F02F53___gda__=1424656770_6cdc78efad4870a0c662f23a7a4952e1We know people make up new year resolutions at the end of each year, hoping to have accomplished most if not all by the end of the next year. Ironically, while some struggle to achieve the first three out of about 20 to-dos, the others remember not a word from wherever the list is.

i am one of them, well, at least i got more than half of my resolutions in 2014 achieved. But, the sad thing is, number one on my priority list was to finish the book i started writing in 2013. Well, i am stuck. So, i turn to myself, my inner self and ask what happened in 2014? Why did i get stuck while everyone was moving on?

Snapshot_20140712_2The answer is not far-fetched. i guess i refused to understand the way i work, and how my life functions when i make resolutions for myself. i remember not writing a resolution to start a book. i realise that i am more of a spontaneous person.

some of us are this way. that moment when we decide to make resolutions is when we deter from accomplishing them. so, if you are one of the live-as-it-comes people, then do so. I hope to continue with my book soon. And, by the way, i made no new year resolutions because it’s all gonna come as it was meant to.

Peace…Another story on the way. Just had to do this.


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Adeojo Prof. M.

I love books, performances and movies. I write about them.

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